Liz Payne - Vice Chairman,  Rights of Way Liaison, Joint Burials Committee, Green End Notice Board, Closed Churchyard at All Saints Church Liaison

Peter Foster - Chairman, Community Safety/Police Liaison, Planning Sub committee, Kempston Charities, Box End Noticeboard,Church End Noticeboard, Joint Burials Committee

Debbie Ash - Highways Representative, Wood End Playspace Liaison,  Home Close Noticeboard

Caroline Johnson - Kempston Charities, Joint Burials Committee, Noticeboard opposite Lidl

Ian Farrow - Kempston Charities, Cross Keys Liaison, Wood End Noticeboard,

James Barbour


3 vacancies



Jim Weir - Borough Councillor


The Parish Council usually meet every month except August & December, on the third Thursday of the month. See "meeting dates" for details. The public are welcome to attend, & there is always a 15 minute slot set aside for public questions.


Registers of Interest